Jo Byeong Kyu’s Drama Comeback Is Mired In Controversy

“They had just left a sign saying ‘Please excuse me.’ The sign doesn’t excuse you from doing whatever you want…”

Actor Jo Byeong Kyu‘s comeback drama, History Of A Loser (translated title), has found itself in controversy.

Jo Byeong Kyu | @bk_arta/Instagram

On May 9, a post on an online community titled “Are Drama Production Crews Supposed To Be Like This” went viral.

In the post, the uploader showed a vehicle, alleged to belong to the drama’s production crew, blocking the entry to their home.

Poster’s image | FM Korea

The poster lamented the production crew’s discourtesy.

I opened the door to leave the house, and I saw this. It seems it belongs to the drama’s production crew and had a sign saying ‘Please excuse me.’ The sign doesn’t excuse you from doing whatever you want. When I told a crew member that this spot is reserved for firetrucks and to move their truck, the crew member apologized and moved the truck.


Poster’s image | FM Korea
Poster’s image | FM Korea

After moving the truck, the netizen alleges the truck returned later in the evening.

The truck was gone around eight in the evening, and then around nine, another SUV parked there. When I told them to leave again, I was asked if they could park for five minutes, which I obliged. However, even after time passed, they were still there, so I yelled at them and asked them to leave.


Poster’s image | FM Korea

The drama’s production crew released a statement saying that they are verifying the allegations and are currently investigating the situation.

The drama is an adaptation of a popular webtoon of the same name. The drama is about a crew of twenty-year-olds who can’t catch a break.

Cover for webtoon “History Of A Loser” (Translated title) | YLAB

The drama stars Jo Byeong Kyu and Song Ha Yoon.

Jo Byeong Kyu | @bk_arta/Instagram
Song Ha Yoon | @hayoonsong1202/Instagram


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