Jo In Sung Revealed To Have Recently Undergone Surgery For Knee Pain

His agency made a statement.

Actor Jo In Sung was revealed to have undergone surgery for knee pain. His agency confirmed that he first sought out medical care after experiencing knee pains. He had a simple surgery done on his knee and was hospitalized for his recovery. He is reportedly recovering well.

Jo In Sung had knee pains, so he had undergone a simple procedure and was hospitalized afterwards.

— IOK Company

Many speculations arose that he was injured while filming his latest movie, “Mogadishu”. His agency clarified that “it wasn’t due to the filming.

“Mogadishu” is an upcoming movie that depicts the escape of South Korean and North Korean embassy officials isolated in the capital of Mogadishu during the civil war in Somalia in 1990.

The movie is scheduled to premiere this year.

Source: Segye