Jo Jung Suk and EXO’s D.O. confirmed to join the cast of “Hyung”

After previous speculation, it has been confirmed that Jo Jung Suk and EXO’s D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) will be joining the cast of the upcoming film Hyung (tentative title)!

According to CJ Entertainment on August 25th, the two actors will be playing the roles of brothers in the film.

The film’s director was revealed to be Kwon Soo Kyung, known for the films Fly Me To The Moon and Barefoot Ki Bong, while the script’s writer is Yoo Young Ah (11am, No Breathing).

Jo Jung Suk will play the role of the older brother who is recently released from prison and is out on parole while D.O. plays the role of a star and talented judo athlete. However, the younger brother’s life is turned completely around with an accident.


“It’s every actors dream to want a role like this. The story is one that every humane person can relate to and that’s its highlight. I’m already looking forward to it,” said Jo Jung Suk.

D.O. commented, “This is a type of character I’ve never played before, so I’m very eager to do well. I read the scenarios all at once because I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep. It will be hard to forget that mindset and I will immerse myself in this role.”

Hyung is expected to hit the theaters in October 2016.

Source: TV Report

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