Jo Kwon Dishes About His Heels Collection And How He Plans On Changing Societal Views

“The world will face its karma…”

During a recent in-depth interview, Jo Kwon revealed everything from his gender identity and how it’s been received by the public to the biggest treasure of his life.

When asked what he treasured the most in his life, Jo Kwon proudly answered, “Heels“.

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Jo Kwon has a whole collection of beautiful heels displayed at home! He actually prefers not to wear them unless he’s dancing but he feels energized just by looking at his gorgeous heels!

I have about 15 pairs displayed at home. I usually don’t wear them unless I’m dancing but when I look at them when I’m tired, I get energized.

— Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon confessed that he’s loved heels since he was just a young child. He would hear his aunt clicking with her heels and fell in love with them!

He explained, “When I was young, I used to hear my aunt coming by the sound of her heels, and I’ve loved heels since then.

Considering how the Korean society is still very much conservative, men wearing heels is often unwelcome a frowned upon.

Jo Kwon used to be stressed from the labels and accusations due to his personality and preferences but he’s now realized that it’s what makes him unique and special!

The world will face its karma if they take someone and claim they’re like this or that. In my 20s, I was stressed when people would look at me and say, ‘He’s probably this’ and ‘He’s probably that’.

But after finishing military service in my 30s, I started to think that my genderless image was my weapon. I want to make a ‘Jo Kwon’ genre.

— Jo Kwon

As he’s often talked about his genderless image, he’s set out to not categorize everyone’s taste and images to one thing. He’s out to create his own image and self brand, “Jo Kwon”, and completely embrace it!

When I appear in heels, I want people to stop thinking, ‘What’s he doing?’ and instead think ‘That’s Jo Kwon’.

— Jo Kwon

Considering how Jo Kwon can rock out and own the world with his heels better than most of us alive, Jo Kwon more than deserves to live his best life with his collection of beautiful treasures!

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