Jo Se Ho Reveals Why Jessi Was The Only Member Of Refund Sisters That He Was “Uncomfortable” With

The two cleared up the air in the latest episode of “Jessi’s Showterview”!

Jo Se Ho shares why he found it uncomfortable to be around Jessi during her appearance on Hangout With Yoo!

Jo Se Ho| @chosaeho/ Instagram

On the latest episode of Jessi’s Showterview, Jo Se Ho appeared as a guest, and opened up about tons of things, such as his personal life and career!

Jessi then asked him about a particular incident that she heard about that really got on her nerves! Jessi participated as a cast member on Hangout With Yoo, where she formed the group Refund Sisters with Lee Hyori, Uhm Junghwa, and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa!

Regarding her appearance on the show, Jessi then revealed she had a bone to pick with Jo Se Ho!

I’m kinda pissed off with you. You had a job interview as the manager for Refund Sisters. Right off the bat, you told me that you don’t wanna work with me. “Jessi is the uncomfortable member.” Why?


Jo Se Ho immediately rushed to explain the situation! Talking about the first time they met in the set’s green room, he revealed that their first encounter shocked him!

At the moment we first met, what came to my mind was, “Can I get along with this girl?” Because… Not sure if you remember, but when we first met in the green room, you were the first person who swore at me on sight!!

—Jo Se Ho

Narrating the incident, Jo Se Ho shared how Jessi’s first greeting to him was immediately followed by curses!

We greeted each other in the green room. I said, “How have you been, Jessi?” And you told me, “Why are you speaking formally? Speak casually!” Then I said, It’s my first time meeting you, do you feel comfortable speaking casually?”

You said, “JUST DO IT!” and swore at me!

—Jo Se Ho

Jessi then protested, saying that’s how she gets comfortable with new people, and Jo Se Ho completely agreed! He then shared that it was that meeting that convinced him of Jessi’s humble, down-to-earth personality!

I thought, “She’s super down-to-earth.”

—Jo Se Ho

It’s great that the two were able to clear the air between them!

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