Comedian Jo Se Ho Reveals The “Conditions” Of His Friendship With BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

Would these conditions keep you from being G-Dragon’s friend?

Comedian Jo Se Ho recently revealed the “conditions” he needed to follow to maintain his friendship with G-Dragon.

G-Dragon (left) and Jo Se Ho (right) | mydaily

In the August 25 episode of KBS2‘s new variety show, Hogam Dongjeon, the production team asked if there were any guests that the hosts would like to invite.

Comedian Kim Sook brought up Jo Se Ho’s friendship with icon G-Dragon and asked Jo Se Ho if he could invite the idol. 2PM‘s Wooyoung tried to bait the comedian by stating Jo Se Ho shouldn’t have any issues getting the rapper on the show.

From left: Kim Sook, Jo Se Ho, and Hong Jin Kyung | KBS2
| KBS2

You guys are known to be so close. Couldn’t you get him on the show with one phone call?

— Wooyoung

To which the comedian gave a witty response stating that his friendship with G-Dragon was predicated on Jo Se Ho not calling him.

| KBS2

I am maintaining our friendship under the condition that I do not call him.

— Jo Se Ho

But the show’s members didn’t give up. Hong Jin Kyung then asked about Jo Se Ho’s friendship with G-Dragon.

| KBS2

What is your relationship with him? How many times a week do you guys talk on the phone? I’ve asked you to call me out when you were with him many times, but you’ve never called me.

— Hong Jin Kyung

To which Jo Se Ho, once again, jokingly stated what barred him from doing so, drawing laughter from the members.

Wooyoung (far right) | KBS2

Ah…See that is also one of the conditions.

— Jo Se Ho

Jo Se Ho’s friendship with G-Dragon is anything but made up, as it was widely reported when the comedian shocked fans when it was revealed that he had attended G-Dragon’s birthday party recently.

A picture taken on August 18 showed Jo Se Ho celebrating G-Dragon’s birthday with friends.

Jo Se Ho and G-Dragon with friends celebrating G-Dragon’s birthday party | @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram
Jo Se Ho and G-Dragon with friends celebrating G-Dragon’s birthday party | @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram
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