Jo Sumi And Park Jisung Reveal Just How Popular BTS Is On A Global Level

They are world class!

BTS, who recently made an appearance on the KBS talk show Let’s BTS, answered questions about music, future goals and the members.

During the show, they also prepared a special video clip from world famous soprano Jo Sumi and soccer player Park Jisung. Both Jo and Park, who are at the top of their respective fields, gave their insight on the power and influence of BTS.

Jo Sumi, who has won a Grammy Award in the Classical category, currently lives in Rome.

| Jo Sumi on ‘Let’s BTS’/KBS

I have come to like K-Pop through BTS and I feel like their popularity is continuously increasing. There’s even a cappuccino in Rome named after Jimin. I also realized their popularity after many people left comments on a cover I did of V’s song ‘Snow Flower’.

— Jo Sumi

Park Jisung, who currently lives in London, also gave his thoughts about BTS’s popularity.

| Park Jisung and Kim Minji on ‘Let’s BTS’/KBS

When I went to do a soccer commentary in 2018, BTS’s song was played in the stadium. I never thought something like that would happen, and while I listened to their song being played at the World Cup stadium, I could feel just how great BTS’s popularity was.

— Park Jisung

| Park Jisung and Kim Minji on ‘Let’s BTS’/KBS

Even his wife Kim Minji, who is also an ARMY, stated, “I’ve actually seen people singing BTS songs on the streets in London.”

This talk show goes in depth with the seven members about the history of their success in the global music market.

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