Jo In Sung gives a car to his stylist as a wedding gift

Showing gratitude and loyalty for all of her hard work, Jo In Sung presented his stylist with a new car as a wedding gift. 

The actor, who is known for his kindness and generosity, as well as his excellent acting ability, proved once again that he’s incredibly loyal to those who help him.

According to the reports, the stylist has been one of Jo In Sung’s longtime staff and they are so close that they consider each other family.

Upon hearing the news of his gift, fans expressed their admiration for the actor, but also lightly joked about their jealousy towards the newlywed stylist, who received the present, and also gets to see Jo In Sung every day.

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[+10,005 / -132] Jo In Sung sees this woman every day….

[+7,621 / -239] There are rumors that Jo In Sung is actually a good person and has a very loyal personality.

[+7,291 / -164] A woman who sees Jo In Sung all day every day getting married!! I bet her standards are as high as Mount Everest .ㅋㅋ!

Source: Joy News