Jo In Sung to renew contract with current agency IOK Company

Actor Jo In Sung has renewed his contract with his current agency IOK Company. The renewal of contracts for super stars are always hot issue for the media, and the fans are highly regarding his loyalty to his agency.

Since getting discharged from the military in 2011, Jo In Sung established a new relationship with his current agency IOK Company. He made a successful return with the romance drama, starring Song Hye Gyo as opposing role, That Winter, The Wind Blows in 2013. Last year, he made it again in the small screen with the drama It’s Okay, It’s Love with Gong Hyo Jin.

Although Jo In Sung’s popularity and acknowledgment as an actor has made it to the top of the list in Korea, he refused to make a 1-man-agency and continued on his contract with the current agency.

IOK Company mentioned, “Our relationship goes beyond than mereley being one between an actor and an agency. We have faith, trust, and love for each other. Our company regards Jo In Sung more than a star simply enlisted in our agency. We will be the tower of strength for the actor’s future and hope to continue to build our strong trust for each other. Please look forward for it.”

As of now, the actor is in review with possible projects for his comeback.

Source: TV Report