John Cena Confesses He’s A Member Of A.R.M.Y, And LOVES J-Hope

Wrestling superstar by day, A.R.M.Y by night!

John Cena may have been most famous for his stellar career as a professional wrestler, as well as an actor, but now he’s got another popular title under his belt!

John Cena is a professional wrestler with World Wrestling Entertainment. The 40-year-old American also starred in numerous major Hollywood films like Trainwreck, Daddy’s Home, and the upcoming Blockers.


He’s also a huge fan of BTS, as demonstrated by his posts on social media!

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A.R.M.Y has long suspected that John Cena was a member because he shares random images related to BTS on his Instagram without explanation. His infrequent references to BTS may have been passed off as merely random noise… until now.

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According to his latest interview, he put all speculations to rest by admitting that he’s a big fan of BTS!


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“‘Base Line’ is my favourite track on the J-Hope mixtape. I also like ‘Hangsang'” — John Cena


Welcome to the A.R.M.Y, John Cena!

Source: Metro and Instagram


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