John Cena Reveals He Will Teach His “The Suicide Squad” Costar About BTS

John Cena’s recruiting new ARMYs!

Pro wrestler and actor John Cena has been extremely vocal about his love for both BTS and ARMY, and now he’s promised to teach one of his The Suicide Squad costars about BTS!

John Cena | @Reuters/Twitter

In an interview with etalk, John Cena mentioned his love for BTS and said that his The Suicide Squad character, Peacemaker, should “ease his way into BTS” and become a fan, too.

John Cena as Peacemaker | @StrikingBat/Twitter

Joel Kinnaman, who plays Rick Flag in The Suicide Squad, asked John Cena, “What’s BTS?”

Joel Kinnaman | @JoelKinnamanNet/Twitter

John Cena answered that BTS is “everything” and said he would fill Joel Kinnaman in on all the details about the K-Pop group later.

John Cena (left), Joel Kinnaman (center), and Idris Elba (right) on the set of The Suicide Squad | @DCverso1/Twitter

John Cena further explained that he would fill Joel Kinnaman in later so he doesn’t “possibly, continuously get an enormous community of strong value and voice really agitated.”

| @WrestlePurists/Twitter

Clearly, John Cena has a lot of respect for his fellow ARMYs and wants to make sure he takes the time to tell his costar about BTS later to make sure he doesn’t offend fans. ARMYs found John Cena’s reaction hilarious and relatable, and they’re excited to see him recruiting new ARMY members!

Source: etalk