Johnny Held A Neo City Pageant In Honor Of NCT’s Upcoming World Tour

Who cares about Miss Universe when we have this?

In a recent clip, NCT‘s Johnny held his own pageant in which he awarded each member a city from their upcoming world tour Neo City.

As the host, Johnny named himself Mr. Chicago because it’s his hometown.

Mr. New Jersey was awarded to Jaehyun, who then became Johnny’s assistant.

Johnny recalled the time they’d arrived in Atlanta for a layover and how Doyoung had declared “I’m Atlanta.” So, he became Mr. Atlanta.

Johnny immediately thought of the sun when thinking of Miami, so he mistakenly called Haechan.

But, Mr. Miami was none other than smiley Jungwoo.

Haechan was finally awarded Mr. Dallas and proceeded to give a speech in full English. It turned out to be the lyrics to Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend”.

At the mention of Phoenix everyone cawed like a bird in anticipation.

Then, Mr. Phoenix was awarded to Yuta. In celebration, he jumped up from his seat and did a cartwheel.

Johnny thought of aliens at the mention of Houston. So, Mr. Houston was given to “Taeilien” Taeil.

Somehow Apple products reminded Johnny of Taeyong and he was awarded Mr. San Jose.

Mark Lee Angeles was awarded Mr. Los Angeles.

As the end drew near, Haechan grew tired during Mark’s speech and yawned to everyone’s amusement. Mark hurried his speech.

Jaehyun was awarded his second title Mr. Toronto.

Then, Mr. Vancouver became Mark’s second title. But, once again Haechan yawned during Mark’s speech causing everyone to laugh.

You can watch the pageant here.


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