Investigation Confirms J-Pop “Godfather” Johnny Kitagawa Sexually Assaulted Hundreds Of Teens

The charges were found credible.

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This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Johnny & Associates is one of the largest Japanese talent agencies. Formed by the late Johnny Kitagawa in 1962, they debuted several successful boy bands such as Hey! Say! JUMP, Kis-My-Ft2, Arashi, and more.

The late Johnny Kitagawa | Sankei

It is now at the center of the media world for a more sinister reason. On August 30, an investigation determined that the sexual assault charges surrounding Johnny Kitagawa were credible.

The investigative panel contacted 23 victims over a three month long period. It was found that Kitagawa (born in 1931) sexually assaulted and abused boys as far back as the 1950s. He also targeted at least several hundred others.

The panel slammed Johnny & Associates for their poor handling of the allegations including covering up the sexual abuse happening under their roof.

The company’s coverup led to the sexual abuse continuing unchecked for so long. There were many opportunities to take action.

— Investigative Panel

They added that the talent agency must give a formal apology, strengthen compliance measures, and educate their workers and board members on human rights. Chief Executive Julie Keiko Fujishima was also required to resign due to her lack of action over the matter.

Last AprilKauan Okamoto, a former member of the J-Pop group Johnny’s Jr, alleged he was sexually assaulted by Johnny Kitagawa fifteen to twenty times while being signed to his label from 2012 to 2016.

He confirmed that Katagawa’s influence in the J-Pop industry was heavy especially in his own company. The latter used his power to assault at least three others that Okamoto is familiar with.

Not including me, I am sure there are at least three more victims. Almost everyone who visited Kitagawa’s house would have experienced being a victim. Although a part of me is still thankful for [Kitagawa], I believe his acts are bad.

In the past, dramas, endorsements, and the debut of a singer were all decided by Kitagawa. I wanted to be recognized by the top brass in Johnny & Associates. Now, I hope incidents like these disappear from Japan’s entertainment industry.

— Kauan Okamoto

Johnny’s Jr

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Source: Washington Post

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