Jo In Sung Reveals Why He Struggles When Traveling With EXO’s D.O. And Lee Kwang Soo

Jo In Sung loves to go traveling with EXO’s D.O. and Lee Kwang Soo, but this one aspect is too different between them.

Jo In Sung, EXO‘s D.O. and Lee Kwang Soo are famous bromance buddies who love to travel together, but Jo In Sung says there’s one big difference between D.O. and he when it comes to traveling.

“We all love traveling and have similar tastes in food, but we differ in specific details.”

— Jo In Sung


Jo In Sung loves to walk, and he’ll walk thousands of steps to enjoy sightseeing. However, D.O. is not a fan of walking! Jo In Sung said D.O. would rather take a taxi to specific locations, which is very different from his own traveling style.

“If I travel with Bae Sung Woo, we love walking. We’d walk all day. But D.O. hates walking.

He prefers to make reservations at a good restaurant and take a taxi there. Lee Kwang Soo and he would often go together.”

— Jo In Sung


Not only does Jo In Sung and D.O. differ in choice of transportation, Jo In Sung is embarassed by Lee Kwang Soo’s choice of fashion. Apparently, Lee Kwang Soo enjoys standing out in a crowd and letting his presence known. As expected of the Prince of Asia!

“He wears outfits that stand out a lot!

He’s very famous in Asia, almost every Asian we see knows Kwang Soo. But he wears colorful clothes that stand out. It just screams, ‘I’m Lee Kwang Soo.’ He also wears a mask.”

— Jo In Sung


Regardless of their differences, these three best friends go on trips quite frequently as they’re known for one of the closest bromances in Korea!


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