[★BREAKING] Jo Kwon revealed to be in a relationship

Jo Kwon has made a shocking and surprising statement in a recent interview with HIGH CUT magazine for its latest issue.

Released on May 21st, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon, B1A4‘s CNU, and VIXX‘s Ken transformed into triplets as they prepare for their upcoming musical Chess, set to open its curtains on June 19th.

During the group interview, Jo Kwon was asked how he felt whenever he was mentioned in articles regarding Ga In and Joo Ji Hoon, who are currently known to be in a relationship.

He answered, “I don’t really mind but when people say ‘he’s taller than Jo Kwon’ and ‘He’s superior to Jo Kwon’ it kind of frustrates me.”

In a recent broadcast, Jo Kwon admitted to the existence of being in a “some” relationship, which means two people being attracted to one another but not quite in a relationship yet. He tells HIGH CUT,  “I’m 27 now and it would be ridiculous to say that I’ve always been single. Even now, I’m seeing someone.”

[+ 2833, – 54] Hul really? Have a beautiful relationship…

[+ 1950, – 54] Hul???? Is it a regular person?

[+ 1795, – 94] Well, Jo Kwon will “Never Let You Go”

[+ 2864, – 1163] What’s important is whether it’s a guy or a girl..

Source: Xports News