Jokwon reveals he had to undergo several blood transfusions due to his condition on “Entertainment Relay”

On a recent interview with KBS‘s Entertainment Relay, 2AM member Jokwon revealed the current condition of his physical shape with viewers.

Aired on June 6th, Jokwon appeared on the segment with Shin Sung Woo to talk about their current musical work, Chess.

On the broadcast, Jokwon confessed that his physical condition had worsened even before the start of the musical’s official practice. The singer is also known to be anemic.

The singer said, “My body was a wreck, so I had to get eight unit of blood transfusions. It was really difficult. But my health improved when I rested since I was going to school.” 

Jokwon is known to have very toned abs, and he stated, “I am preparing to bring them out during this summer.”

Source: TV Report