“JoBros Photocards When?” The Jonas Brothers And TXT Shock With “Do It Like That” Concept Photos

We hopee to pull maknae Nick!

K-Pop boy group TXT and American boy band the Jonas Brothers recently announced their collaboration single “Do It Like That,” produced by OneRepublic‘s Ryan Tedder.

Both groups have been spoiling us with cute selfies and funny TikTok videos leading up to the song’s release on July 7.

The unexpected collab has K-Pop fans wondering what all it will entail. Are we getting a music video since all the guys met up? How about Jonas Brothers photocards?

Well, BIGHIT MUSIC dropped concept photos of TXT for “Do It Like That” today. A group photo, as well as individual shots of each member, were released via social media.

Yet, the Jonas Brothers released their own concept photos for “Do It Like That,” too. Like TXT, we got a group photo and a photo of each brother.

K-Pop fans were surprised to see the Jonas Brothers go all out! Concept photos since when? We love this new era for them.

Now, we’re hopeful that Jonas Brothers photocards might be a real possibility. Honestly, how iconic would that be?

The funny thing is this would not be the first time the Jonas Brothers would release “photocards.” Previously, K-Pop fans joked about the different member versions of their LP Happiness Begins. 

If the Jonas Brothers really do release photocards this time, who do you hope to pull?

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