The Lyrics Of “#Hashtag” Shows How Fed Up Jonghyun Was With Rumors And Haters

His feelings were clear on “#Hashtag”.

SM Entertainment posthumously released Jonghyun’s final album “Artist | Poet” and fans are discovering the deep meaning behind his lyrics.

Through the lyrics his new song “#Hashtag”, Jonghyun criticizes netizen’s rumors and hate comments.

Jonghyun’s album cover for “Poet | Artist”.

The lyrics target haters who spread hate comments and false rumors.

“Eat a waffle, you eat it once, eat the malicious comments.

Those people are dating, that’s what they say.

My friend’s cousin’s senior’s friend’s in-laws saw it, that’s what they say.

They fought, that’s what they say.

They flipped the place upside down, turned it inside out, it was crazy.

If it’s not true forget it.

Jonghyun calls out people who spread dating rumors from what they hear from other people or their say someone’s personality is bad because they don’t like them.

Pros, they’re all pros.

Talking about others.

Saying his personality sucks, he seems like that kind of person.

No, nothing much, I just don’t like his attitude.

His gaze, or putting his hands in his pockets, I hate it all.

During his solo concert, Jonghyun talked about how he came up with the song title “와플 (#Hashtag)”.

“After looking at the title #Hashtag, I was reminded of a waffle.”

— Jonghyun

와플 (Wa-peul), which means saying lots of useless stuff, also sounds similar to 악플 (Ak-peul), which means malicious comments.

In the past, Jonghyun was targeted with hate comments for his open stance on homosexuality.

And it once again emphasizes the tragic effects hateful comments can have on a person.

Jonghyun at his last concert.