Jonghyun reveals that reason why he does not prefer to write for SHINee

On February 20th, Jonghyun talked about his dreams and revealed the reason for not writing songs for SHINee on MBC FM4U‘s Tablo’s Dreaming Radio.

During the broadcast, Jonghyun mentioned, “When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a composer instead of a singer or songwriter. Currently, I still dream of being a composer.” 

Continuing from this, he surprisingly revealed how he had no intention on writing SHINee’s songs. Clarifying his position, he reasoned that, “Instead of having a single member write the songs, SHINee’s many colors and directions would be better expressed if composers interpreted the group instead.” 

Meanwhile, Jonghyun was recently seen supporting Amber‘s solo debut with “Shake that Brass,” while his own solo track and music video for “Crazy” was announced to be the most viewed K-pop music video for January by Billboard.

Source: TV Report