Joo Ji Hoon and Gain seek legal action to those responsible for alleged nude images leak

Celebrity couple Joo Ji Hoon and Gain broke their silence with regards to the alleged leaked private photos of themselves. 

On April 20th, both sides have declared that the photo spreading online are not related to the two celebrities. However, Joo Ji Hoon’s agency, KeyEast Entertainment have decided that they will a legal action against the malicious source are being arranged.

KeyEast Entertainment went on to state that the investigation will be referred to the police as they hunt for the original source of the malicious rumours, along with its distributors.

The alleged leaked photos of the couple were circulated on the internet with the title “The leaked photos from Joo Ji Hoon’s mobile phone,” which featured a blurred image of a man and woman in an intimate, sexual act.

The photo were heavily speculated to be of the couple’s as the woman in the picture had a similar look and physique as Gain.

Source: Dispatch