Joo Won Says BLACKPINK Helped Him Stay Strong During His Military Service

He’s made a statement about his future promotions.

After 21 months of serving in the military for his mandatory duties, actor Joo Won successfully ended his service and was discharged from his platoon.

“I’ve completed my long yet short military service. I was able to experiment many things that you can’t experience in the outside world, so it was a rewarding time. Everyone treated me like family, so I was able to safely finish my duties.”

— Joo Won


He was immediately greeted by his long awaiting fans, and he held a brief interview about his time in service. He expressed that the first thing he wants to do, now that he is out, is to spend time with his fans.

“When I was transferred, many fans wrote me letters to our platoon. That’s why I missed my fans the most.”

— Joo Won


He’s also aiming to return back on screen with a good drama, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

“The first thing I want to do is act in a good drama. Nothing is confirmed yet.”

— Joo Won


He couldn’t avoid the question about which girl group he adored most while serving in the military. Although both girl groups and boy groups helped him through his service, he was particularly a fan of BLACKPINK!

“I knew this question was asked about every celebrity that was discharged, so I thought a lot about it, but there are too many. I received strength from not only the girl groups but also the boy groups.

BLACKPINK was my greatest source of strength. I hope girl groups continue to work hard and promote well.”

— Joo Won


Lastly, he thanked his fans for waiting for him over the past 21 months and vowed to return soon with a good project!

“I’m deeply moved. Thank you for coming out to see me despite the cold weather. Thank you for waiting for me. I will show my gratitude by doing my best to return with a good image and good acting.”

— Joo Won

Source: TV Daily


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