Joo Won Is G-Dragon’s Army Drill Instructor, Here’s What He Said About GD

Joo Won said that G-Dragon was one of the most memorable trainees he trained.

Joo Won, who is currently serving his military service as an assistant instructor in the 3rd Infantry Division, shared greetings with his fans through a live broadcast and talked about his experience in the army.


What caught the attention of netizens, however, was when he mentioned G-Dragon as one of his most memorable trainees.


Joo Won praised G-Dragon, who trained at the 3rd Infantry Division, for being hardworking and getting along well with the others.

“Recently, G-Dragon trained with us. He was extremely hardworking. Even from afar, you could tell that he was doing his best and got along well with others. He was particularly memorable.” ㅡ Joo Won


By the looks of recent photos of G-Dragon at the training graduation ceremony, it seems like Joo Won was accurate!

G-Dragon has completed his 6-week training period and attended the graduation ceremony at the 3rd Infantry Division.


G-Dragon looks happy and extremely close with a fellow soldier in this photo.


Even among a crowd of soldiers wearing the same military uniform and haircut, he definitely stands out!


G-Dragon is expected to be discharged on November 26, 2019, so only 19 months to go!

Source: eNews and Topstarnews