Joon Park signs exclusive contract with SidusHQ

According to reports, g.o.d’s Joon Park recently signed an exclusive contract with iHQ’s management company SidusHQ, returning to the agency after 13 long years.

As part of g.o.d, the group initially made their debut under JYP Entertainment in 1999 before leaving and joining SidusHQ in 2002. Last year, g.o.d made a comeback as a group after a nine year hiatus under SidusHQ, successfully promoting their 8th album Chapter 8, celebrating the group’s 15th year anniversary with a concert as well.

Following their comeback, Joon Park revealed his excellent sense as an entertainer with appearances on SBS’ Roommate – Season 2, tvN’s First Day of Work, and others. And so, Joon Park has decided to reunite with his old agency after 13 years to manage his solo activities.

SidusHQ was quoted saying, “After reuniting as g.o.d to commemorate their 15th anniversary last year, the oldest hyung Joon Park has returned to the parent company and SidusHQ family after 13 years to work together. We will not spare any efforts and give our active support in his activities, as he was part of the original foundation of the agency. We ask for your support and love.”

Meanwhile, Joon Park is set to make an appearance in the upcoming airing of MBC’s Animals. In addition, he is continuing to be active in the popular reality variety show, Roommate – Season 2.

Source: Daily Sports