Jooyeon is the next member to graduate from After School

A little after two years following Kahi’s graduation from After School, member Jooyeon (27) has been reported to be also be leaving the girl group.

According to representatives, Jooyeon will officially withdraw and graduate from After School at the end of the year, December 31st, following her expiration contract with Pledis Entertainment as she opted not to renew. The final schedule and event as an After School member will be at a formal concert in China on New Year’s Eve.

An insider said, “Lee Jooyeon is looking to try various things including acting after leaving After School, something she has done even while in the group.”

With Jooyeon’s upcoming graduation from After School, Jungah will remain the only original and 1st generation member of After School. Soyoung was the first to leave the group during their debut year in 2009, followed by Bekah in 2011, and leader Kahi in 2012.

Stay tuned to Pledis Entertainment’s official statement.

Source: Donga