“Joseon Exorcist” Actor Jang Dong Yoon Writes A Personal Apology To Viewers Of The K-Drama

“I was foolish and reluctant to learn…”

One of the lead actors, Jang Dong Yoon, of SBS‘s Joseon Exorcist delivered a personal apology to viewers through his agency, Dongyi Company. He wished to address the controversy that led to the show’s cancellation and apologize.

Hello, this is actor Jang Dong Yoon. I hesitated a lot about this. But as one of the lead actors to have participated in the production of “Joseon Exorcist,” I wanted to share my thoughts with those of you who have been waiting to hear from me. I don’t know that this apology will be satisfying, but it is my most honest and sincerest apology. I share it in hopes that it can resolve some of the frustration.

First of all, I have no excuses. I am terribly sorry. I did not grasp how problematic the show would be perceived by everyone. And that is because I was foolish and reluctant to learn. As an actor, I treated the script solely as a creative content and failed to see it from a different point of view. I completely overlooked the issues I should have been more sensitive about, especially with everything going on. Again, I am at fault for that.

I was excited about working with a director I respect, along with some of the most amazing seniors and colleagues from the industry. I thought I had no reason to turn the role down. From the choices I had at the moment, I believed taking on the role was in my best interest. As I’ve mentioned earlier, however, I was foolish to have thought so.

I am always working on becoming a better person because I believe that if I am making ethical choices in life, I can live with confidence. Yet to have made such a shameful and embarrassing mistake in my career, I know that there is a lot for me to reflect on.

I am aware that I can only keep doing what I’m doing with the love and support of the audience. And so, even if this apology is seen to be insincere excuses against my true intentions, I will accept the criticism without question. And while I did not mean for this to become an emotional post pleading for sympathy, I think it ended up becoming so because I really wanted to express how genuine I am about it. And for that, I apologize as well. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me for this mistake, so that I can remember this and mature from it, becoming a better actor.

— Jang Dong Yoon

Jang Dong Yoon was originally cast as the young Prince Chungnyeong (the future King Sejong). However, all production and distribution of the series have been canceled.

Source: Sports Donga