“Joseon Exorcist” Actors Reportedly Filmed 14 Episodes But Are Only Getting Paid For 2

Canceling a K-Drama early makes accurate payment difficult.

The SBS K-Drama Joseon Exorcist was embroiled in controversy a few weeks ago after it was accused of distorting history. This caused the series to be canceled after airing only two episodes. However, it was revealed that they had actually filmed 14 episodes (80% of the series) and lost thousands of dollars.


Now, the K-Drama is experiencing issues with the payment for the actors. According to a report from Ilgan Sports News, the Joseon Exorcist actors filmed 14 episodes of the series, but the production team stated that it’s difficult to pay the actors for those episodes.


Joseon Exorcist was originally set to have 16 episodes in total. Since the actors completed 14 out of the 16 episodes, they should be paid for 80% of the work that they had finished. Reportedly, the actors’ agencies are having difficulty receiving payment for all 14 episodes due to the lost money.

We’re in a difficult situation because we can’t really ask the K-Drama production team to pay us for the work our actors have done. However, our agency will be in a more difficult situation if we don’t get back the investment we put in every episode. So we’re in a frustrating situation.

—Anonymous Management Official


It currently remains unclear how much money both the agencies and actors will receive and how it will affect them.

Source: Insight