Korean-American Director Joseph Kahn Attacks BTS About “Plastic Surgery” And “Lipstick”

He criticized BTS’s appearance and shamed them for wearing lipstick, claiming they “all have plastic surgery”.

Joseph Kahn is a Korean-American director who’s worked on multiple films and music videos for top artists, such as Taylor SwiftKaty Perry, Maroon 5, Britney Spears and more.

Joseph Kahn, Taylor Swift

He’s recently come under fire for a series of Tweets that attacked BTS about their appearance. He claimed that they “all have plastic surgery“, and shamed them for wearing lipstick.

joseph kahn bts 3

He continued on by claiming Asian-Americans believe Asian men are being “feminized” by wearing lipstick. To make matters worse, he wrote the “Asian” response in a stereotypical manner with poor grammar use.

joseph kahn bts 2


He also shared a web article claiming that South Korean men are getting plastic surgery done to look more like a “pretty boy”.

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He was soon criticized by K-Pop fans and netizens alike for his offensive Tweets.

As a response, he tweeted a sarcastic explanation claiming he “loves BTS” with the photo of Mötley Crüe, an American heavy metal band.

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Despite the criticisms he’s received for his Tweets, Joseph Kahn stood by his comments by telling the offended fans to “suck a d*ck“.

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