Joss Way-Ar Sangngern, Luke Ishikawa Plowden, And More Thai Actors Attend GOT7 Mark Tuan’s “PULL-UP” Fan Meeting

Mark is collecting all the Thai actors!

Over the weekend, GOT7‘s Mark Tuan held three successful sold-out fan meetings, PULL-UP, in Thailand.

The three-day event was held at IMPACT Arena, which has a capacity of over 11,000, over the course of May 27-May 29. It was emceed by fellow GOT7 member BamBam.

With a huge fanbase, especially in Thailand, and being sold out all three days, naturally, some famous faces were spotted, many of which are well-known Thai actors. Not one but four are known to have attended.

Thai actor and talk show host “TumWarawut Poyim shared a photo from Mark Tuan’s fan meeting on Instagram. He posed with a Mark photocard and in clothing from Mark’s “XC3 Butterfly Collection.”

Pull-up say hello

— @tumidol_ts9/Instagram caption

Previously he shared a selfie in other merchandise from Mark’s collection from Represent. He’s a true fanboy!

Thai actor Toey Pongsakorn Mettarikanon, known for the Thai Gentlemen series, shared a photo on Instagram as well. He posed with a banner for Mark Tuan’s PULL-UP fan meeting and thanked fellow Ahgases for taking his picture.

Please surrender yourself, people of Ahgase. We are going to hold the ahgabong together 🥳💚 By the way, is there ahgabong that I can borrow? Haha!!😅 ✌🏻🐊❤️ #pullupwithmarktuan P.S. Thank you Ahgase brothers for taking a picture for me. #pullupwithmarktuan_day1

— @toey_pongsakorn/Instagram caption

In an interview, Toey also talked about attending the fan meeting. He revealed himself to be an Ahgase and said it was the first time seeing Mark!

Thai actor Joss Way-Ar Sangngern, known for his main role as Neo in GMMTV‘s 3 Will Be Free, shared many highlights from Mark’s fan meeting on Instagram. He included photos and videos!

Joss even got a photo with Mark himself!

Joss Way-Ar Sangngern (left) and Mark Tuan (right).| @josswayar/Instagram

Japanese American actor and model Luke Ishikawa Plowden, known by his nickname “Luke Voyage,” is famous for his work in Thailand, primarily for GMMTV. He excitedly attended PULL-UP, sharing videos on Instagram Stories during it.

| @lukevoyage/Instagram
| @lukevoyage/Instagram
| @lukevoyage/Instagram

After the fan meeting ended, Luke shared photos and videos from it on Instagram, tagging both Mark and BamBam. He described it as “beyond words.” 

He, too, proved to be a successful fan, sharing a photo taken with Mark!

Luke Voyage (left) and Mark Tuan (right). | @lukevoyage/Instagram

GOT7 really have so many Thai Ahgases, especially successful ones! Some Thai actors even attended GOT7’s recent fancon in Korea. Read more below:

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