Journalists warned not to ask questions about KARA at Kang Jiyoung’s photobook event

Members of the press are reported to have created a bit of tension against Kang Jiyoung’s management agency as they were prohibited to ask questions about KARA on a recent event. 

On November 27th, Kang Jiyoung met with the press and selected number of fans as she launches her first photobook, Jiyoung Story. However, prior to the event, journalists were asked not to ask any questions regarding KARA. However, some journalists were said to have not followed the protocol and ended up asking Jiyoung about her former group instead. To this, she playfully replied, “I still have not show the phonebook to them. I think if I showed them the photos, the members would be shocked.”

However, despite the slight trouble, Kang Jiyoung managed to continue with the event without any trouble and managing to converse naturally without an aid of an interpreter. Instead, she focused on discussed about her latest photobook, which became a hot topic because of its adult rating.

Kang Jiyoung is currently focusing on her acting projects in Japan following her leave from KARA last April.

Source: TheFact