Joy Reveals The Key Rules All Red Velvet Members Follow At Home In Order To Maintain A Healthy Relationship

This is the key to their strong relationship!

Red Velvet‘s Joy appeared on Happy Together 4, where she opened up about how the members’ living situations have changed over the past 7 years and how they were able to maintain their close relationship.


Joy first revealed how much has changed since their debut days. She confessed that they used to have to report their weight and what they eat on a daily basis, and they had to get permission if they wanted to leave the house.

We have more freedom.

In the past, we had to send them photos of our weight and what we eat. If we wanted to go out and meet someone, we had to get permission, and our curfew was 11 pm.

— Joy


But now that they’ve earned their freedom and moved to an apartment with each of their own rooms, Joy revealed that the members set up new key house rules to follow.

First, if anyone wants to invite someone to their house, they need to notify everyone in the chatroom. This helped respect each other’s privacy and space.


Joy confessed that she once invited her younger sister to their dorm without notice and received “complaints” from the members!

I once invited my youngest sister to our dorm without permission and got complaints from the members.

They wrote, ‘Let’s let each other know beforehand. I don’t think this is right.’ And I wrote back, ‘Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry.’

— Joy


Another house rule is that the members all have to wash their own under garments by hand. Joy revealed that so many members lose clothes, including mismatched socks, so the members all agreed to follow the new rule.

[Our clothes] get mixed up a lot and many of them disappear. But we don’t know the reason! No one takes them but they keep disappearing.

It’s not just me, it happens to all of the members.

— Joy


But thanks to these new house rules, the Red Velvet members were able to continue successfully for 7 years as they built a stronger bond with each other that’s as close as blood!

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