Joy and Sungjae Are Overflowing With Chemistry In Their First CF Together

They still share the same chemistry as when they were “married”!

Fitz has finally been released their commercial featuring Red Velvet‘s Joy and BTOB‘s Sungjae, and the pair are overflowing with chemistry as expected!


The two previously “married” stars looked extremely friendly and comfortable with each other as they enjoyed a glass of Fitz in the CF.


The same chemistry was shown frequently back when both idols appeared on We Got Married as a married couple.


The two young stars were so adorable with each other that viewers could not help but stan them together!


Some even thought, or hoped, that the two were secretly in love with each other for real.

Here’s Why Fans Believe Joy And Sungjae Were Truly In Love With Each Other


Despite their incredible chemistry, it wasn’t the only thing that made the CF shine. Their individual cuts were also on point! Sungjae’s refreshing image was a perfect match for a refreshing drink.


And Joy’s beautiful smile did not fail to impress!


In the end, the two stars with incredible chemistry succeeded in creating a great CF that is making viewers want to see more of them together! Watch the full CF below.