Joy Will NOT Be Able To Join Red Velvet In North Korea Concerts

“It was impossible to adjust the schedule for her drama shooting.”

SM Entertainment announced that Joy will not be able to join Red Velvet in their Pyongyang performance.


The performance will be held from March 31 to April 3. During this time, Joy will be continuing her filming of the drama The Great Seducer.


When they received the invitation to perform at the event, SM made it a priority to adjust the group’s schedule so that all members could participate, especially because they were the only idol group included in the line-up.


An SM Entertainment affiliate clarified that while they had done their best to adjust the schedules to accommodate Joy’s presence, in the end, they were unable to.

“It was impossible to adjust the schedule for her drama shooting. Unfortunately, she will not be able to participate.” ㅡ SM Affiliate


The producers of the drama also took note of the gravity of this state occasion and did their best to accomodate, but plans eventually fell through.

Joy will remain in Seoul to film The Great Seducer and the rest of the members will leave for Pyongyang on the 31st.


Netizens have been criticizing the decision emphasizing that this is not any ordinary event.

  • This is just any normal event, it’s an important national event. How could they leave her out for a drama? Is the drama more important than a state occasion? It just doesn’t make sense.
  • Unbelievable, for a drama that doesn’t even have good audience ratings, just take Red Velvet off the list and put in TWICE.
  • Let’s go, BLACKPINK and OH MY GIRL!!


Nonetheless, Red Velvet will have no choice but to perform “Red Flavor” and “Bad Boy” on the Pyongyang stage without Joy.

Source: Dispatch