JTBC To Air BTS’s Movie, Documentaries, Live Concerts For Five Weeks Starting April 16

More BTS content coming your way!

You can now meet BTS every Thursday on JTBC for five weeks in a row!

On April 3, JTBC announced that they would be airing various BTS content for five weeks starting on April 16.

Starting on April 16, they will air Bring The Soul: The Movie. This movie is about BTS’s life after completing their large-scale Love Yourself world tour. It reveals snippets from their 2018 tour as they reminisce about it while eating together at a rooftop in Paris.

For three weeks starting on April 23, they will air Bring The Soul: Docu-Series. This three week series is a documentary that reveals the hard work and effort they put into for their world tour. It includes interviews of them speaking honestly about performing their first Stadium tour, performing in Europe, and other events that happened throughout the tour.

Lastly on May 14 they will air the Love Yourself in Seoul concert. This will focus on the Seoul concert as part of their world tour.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming BTS marathon! It will air on Thursdays at 11 PM KST through JTBC!