JTBC apologizes in official statement regarding recent “Maids” drama set fire

Following the devastating news of the Maids set fire on December 13th, which resulted in one lost of life, broadcasting cable company JTBC sent their apologies for the freak accident, releasing an official statement soon after.

“We would like to apologize to the nation and the family of the deceased that a precious life was taken by a freak accident during the shooting of ‘Maids’,” said JTBC on December 14th.

The cable company explained in their statement that a total of 73 people were present on the set of Maids, including staff and actors. The set fire occurred at approximately 1PM KST around lunch time, where 59 people had left the set to go eat, leaving 14 people mostly composing of production and lighting crew behind.

“Right after the fire started 13 of these 14 evacuated immediately, but Ms.Yum (35), who was a scriptwriter, was on the 2nd floor finishing her work and did not make it out in time. She was the main scriptwriter Maids  and a veteran freelancer. She was a person who was very responsible, and she remained on set to organize the record from the morning’s shooting.”

“The report that everyone had gone to eat and Ms.Yum died in the fire because she was sleeping, has been refuted,” and requested the issue of correction articles on the basis that they felt such a report dishonors the late Ms.Yun. “Police are currently investigating the cause for the fire and we expect the cause to be discovered soon.”

Source: Newsen