JTBC’s “Non-Summit” star Enes Kaya speaks up on infidelity allegations against him

Non-Summit star Enes Kaya has spoken up about the recent infidelity allegations against him in an official statement on December 3rd.

On December 2nd, the internet blew up with shocking allegations from various women about Enes Kaya. The women posted screenshots of alleged conversations with Enes which showed him flirting extensively with them. What was shocking about these conversations was that Enes has mentioned that he is married on the show and according to these women he used a fake name and said he was half Italian.

Enes Kaya is a Turkish national living in Korea, who appears on variety shows but most notably was part of JTBC‘s Non-Summit. The following day, on December 3rd, Enes released a statement through his legal unit. They stated, “Enes Kaya is stepping down from the shows he is a part of regardless of the truth of the matter in order to minimize the damage his friends and programs will receive, and would like to thank everyone for their trust, love and condolences.”

Furthermore he has denied these allegations and kept silent on this issue because he thought it was just a result of all the recent attention he was receiving. However, since his silence has only made the situation flare up, he has decided to speak up and “lawfully test the credibility of the rumors set against him.” After word of these news got out, there were also rumors that  Enes was going back to Turkey but his legal unit denied that, stating “He is also trying his best to work things through in South Korea and he has never once thought about leaving the country alone to avoid the current situation.”

Recently, Enes Kaya received criticisms after screencaps of his alleged chats logs and conversations entertaining other women online despite being legally married were posted online.

Source: Chosun