Ju Ji Hoon Sustains Hand Injury While Filming “Kingdom Season 2”

His agency made a statement.

Actor Ju Ji Hoon recently posted photos of a coffee truck he received from actor Lee Jung Jae during his set on Kingdom 2.

#JungJaeri #KingYeomRa Thank you. Assisting me while filming #Kingdom2, #Aid J Lee hyungnim.

— Ju Ji Hoon


But in the following photos, fans noticed that Ju Ji Hoon had his left hand wrapped in what seemed to be a cast.


Despite his smiling face, many fans showed concern about his hand injury.


His agency responded to their concern by explaining that Ju Ji Hoon sustained a minor injury to his hand while filming Kingdom 2 but will be alright.

Ju Ji Hoon slightly twisted his hand while filming an action scene so we wrapped his hand in bandages. It’s not a serious injury.

— Key East Entertainment


Here’s to a swift recovery and Ju Ji Hoon finishing his Kingdom 2 filming safe and sound!

Source: Sports Chosun