Jun Hyun Moo Mentions His Loneliness On Park Kyung’s Radio Show, Netizens Can’t Relate

He said he’s lonely now.

On Block B Park Kyung‘s “Dreaming Radio”, Jun Hyun Moo appeared as a guest speaker. The two became close on Problematic Men where Jun Hyun Moo promised Park Kyung to visit the studio when he becomes a radio show host.


During the radio program, Jun Hyun Moo complained that he wasn’t invited to Park Kyung’s fan meeting. He mentioned how it hurt his feelings that Park Kyung didn’t even drop a phone call.


Park Kyung explained that he meant to call, but it was awkward for him because Jun Hyun Moo had broken up with his ex-girlfriend, model Han Hye Jin.

It would have been an honor if you could have come by. I meant to call, but I knew you were going through some things… So I wasn’t sure if I should reach out.

— Park Kyung


To that, Jun Hyun Moo pointed out he would like to be invited to such events because he is “feeling lonely now”. While Jun Hyun Moo did not specifically mention his past relationship, listeners assumed this could serve as his unofficial statement about how he has been since the break-up news.

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Unfortunately, netizens aren’t too impressed with Jun Hyun Moo’s guest appearance – especially after the comment about his current state of loneliness. Most feel his remark was hasty, when his rather recent news of break up shook the nation and ended up affecting the show I Live Alone.

  • “Already talking about loneliness, huh? What a drag. He’s so sad.”
  • “It hasn’t even been that long since he broke up, but he is already lonely? Looks like he can’t live without women.”
  • “But I thought he broke up with Han Hye Jin? It’s surprising to hear him say he’s lonely.”
  • “It has only been like a second though.”


Meanwhile, other netizens are concerned by the level of criticism Jun Hyun Moo is receiving for simply talking about his feelings, as he is well-known to read up on all the comments about him on the internet. On the radio, Jun Hyun Moo commented he “reads everything to learn what can be learned.”

I read all the comments. I take in what I feel like I should. I skip the unreasonable hate. It has become a skill for me. But I believe it’s important to read up on the comments. It teaches me about my mistakes. And I should reflect on what I did wrong.

— Jun Hyun Moo

Source: Xports News