Jun Ji Hyun’s Agency Releases Official Statement Denying Divorce Rumors

They will take strong legal action.

Recently, according to Garo Sero Institute’s YouTube channel, they claimed that actress Jun Ji Hyun and her husband are on the verge of a divorce.

Below is the full statement.

Hello this is Jun Ji Hyun’s agency Culture Depot. We would like to inform you on our position regarding the rumors related to the divorce and separation of actress Jun Ji Hyun that was aired on Garo Sero Institute’s live stream on June 2.

First, we would like to inform you that everything mentioned in the broadcast is groundless.

Currently, information that is different from the truth are being spread online, and it has been confirmed that the intentional malicious rumors have been derived from the broadcast by Garo Sero Institute.

As such, we are trying to find out the exact truth about the distorted information and will take strong legal action against the spread of false information through articles and comments that are different from the facts.

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