Legendary Jun Ji Hyun Is Returning To TV In A Brand New Drama

This is her first comeback in 4 years!

Actress Jun Ji Hyun is reportedly making her long-awaited return to television this year through a new drama. The drama is called, Jirisan, but has not yet confirmed its final title. It’s based off of the Jirisan, a mountain based off the southern part of South Korea.

The drama is written by Kim Eun Hee, who is best known for her works, SignalGhost3 Days and more. She also worked on the Netflix series, Kingdom. She met Jun Ji Hyun during the filming for the second series and reportedly hit it off for her to appear in her next drama series, Jirisan.

Jun Ji Hyun’s agency made a statement confirming that she received the offer and that the discussions are moving forward positively.

Jun Ji Hyun is reviewing Kim Eun Hee’s new series Jirisan in a positive light. But it’s too early to confirm the details of her decision.

— Culture Depot

If discussions continue on well, this will be Jun Ji Hyun’s first comeback on television as the main lead in 4 years. Her last work was the hit series Legend of the Blue Sea back in 2016. The upcoming drama is aiming to air sometime near the end of this year or early next year.

Source: Sports Donga and isplus