Jun Ji Hyun Reveals The Methods To Maintaining Her Drop Dead Gorgeous Body

Here’s how her daily day goes.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun featured on the latest issue of W Korea where she opened up about how she maintains her legendary figure and physique.

Jun Ji Hyun is a legend for many reasons, such as her stunning visuals, undeniable talent, and addictive wit. But she’s also considered a legend for her drop dead gorgeous physique.

And she’s revealed the method behind maintaining her figure! She revealed that she always wakes up early to get her exercise in like a religion!

To her, exercising is just as important to her as breathing.

Every morning I wake up at 6~7am to exercise. It’s something definite as breathing. Exercising is an act that’s the same as breathing to me.

— Jun Ji Hyun

She revealed that even during her hiatuses she exercises to the point where she wonders if it’s okay for it to be that difficult.

She puts exercising above other priorities. She makes sure to add in a variety of different exercises and will purposefully schedule her personal plans for after her daily exercise.

Every week I have 3 sessions of pilates. An hour before, I always do cardio. Even if I have to postpone other schedules, I always try to get my exercise in daily.

I schedule my personal activities for after my exercises.

— Jun Ji Hyun

And her methods have been working stupendously well for her! If you ever wish to look as beautiful as this goddess, these are the commitment you’ll need to make!

Source: Money Today