Jun Ji Hyun’s Phone Case Goes Viral For Giving A Glimpse Into The Actress As A Mother

Fans praised the actress for being so relatable.

Jun Ji Hyun‘s phone case is going viral and has netizens praising her for being so relatable.

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On February 19, Jun Ji Hyun was spotted on her way to England to take part in London’s Fashion Week. The actress’s airport photos were a welcome sight to many fans as Jun Ji Hyun is rarely seen in public.

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The actress reciprocated her love to fans as she is seen sending finger hearts, and despite wearing a mask, can be seen smiling for fans and photographers alike.

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Jun Ji Hyun was photographed decked out in Burberry, the design house for which she is an ambassador. The actress wore Burberry’s signature trenchcoat, along with the design house’s branded handbag and hat.

What fans didn’t expect to catch, however, was the sticker on Jun Ji Hyun’s phone case. Upon examination, it’s clear that Jun Ji Hyun had a photo of a Bulbasaur, a popular Pokemon.

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It seems Jun Ji Hyun, who is a mother of two children, and her children are fans of Pokemon. Fans praised Jun Ji Hyun for being so relatable and stated how their own children were also fans of Pokemon.

  • “I saw Jun Ji Hyun’s Pokemon sticker, so I searched the ages of her children, and they are 8 and 6 years old. I guess Jun Ji Hyun is a mother just like us.”
  • “They (celebrities) are parents just like us.”
  • “Ah! Bulbasaur~ My children like Pinkfong.”
  • “Children do go crazy for Pokemon.”
  • “Seeing that (the sticker), I like her even more.”
  • “Jun Ji Hyun may personally like the Pokemon. There are adults who like them.”

Meanwhile, Jun Ji Hyun married her husband in 2012. The couple currently have two children together. The actress most recently starred in the hit K-Drama, Mount Jiri.

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