Jun Ji Hyun reported to be pregnant after 3 years of marriage

Dispatch reports that actress Jun Ji Hyun is pregnant after 3 years of marriage

Here is a direct translation of Dispatch’s initial report:

“Actress Jun Ji Hyun is a mother. She is currently ten weeks pregnant. It has been three years since she married her husband of the same age, Choi Joon Hyuk. She is planning to have the baby near the beginning of 2016.

Jun Ji Hyun started preparing for her pregnancy after finishing the shoot for the movie “Assassination.” She is planning to finish her activities this year and devote her time to her child starting 2016.

Good news one after the other. The movie “Assassination” finally got their release date with the news of her pregnancy.

Jun Ji Hyun’s representatives told Dispatch that “it was a long-awaited news. They really wanted a child this year” and added that “both of them are happy with the news.”

Jun Ji Hyun did not even tell anybody close to her of the news because she is currently promoting her new upcoming film “Assassination.” She has conducted about 50 interviews in midst of promotions.

The representatives of Jun Ji Hyun added that her “promotions and pregnancy are different stories and she did not want the pregnancy story to gain more attention than the movie everybody worked so hard on.”

Because of her early pregnancy, Jun Ji Hyun was very cautious during interviews. Until 5 PM on July 22nd, she finished all of her interviews dedicated to the promotion of the film. Jun Ji Hyun is now planning to be paying more attention to her unborn child and taking care of her condition.”

Source: Dispatch