Jung Chae Yeon Reveals How She Feels About I.OI And DIA

Jung Chae Yeon revealed her honest thoughts regarding both her groups, DIA and I.O.I – in an editorial published by ‘The Star Magazine‘.

With I.O.I disbanding at the end of this month, Jung Chae Yeon revealed how she felt about the group coming to an end and how differently she feels about I.O.I and DIA.

She relayed her sadness in the nearing end of I.O.I during her interview with “The Star Magazine”:

“I feel very sad that it really is going to be ‘the end’ soon. What’s ending are our official promotions as a group; I believe that each and every member including myself will do their best in their respective positions.”

Chaeyeon also added that she felt sorry for being so busy with her personal schedules:

“I am very sorry to everyone in I.O.I and everyone in DIA for being very busy with my own promotions. I feel especially sorry because both of my groups have been so understanding and for that I thank them.”

Near the end of the interview, Chaeyeon talked about the different places the two groups hold in her heart with a sweet analogy:


“To me, DIA feels like ‘home’ and I.O.I is like a reunion with old classmates.”

Source: Sports Kyunghyang