Park Han Byul’s new boyfriend, Jung Eun Woo, to enlist in the military next year

As news of their relationship were revealed to the public, Jung Eun Woo, Park Han Byul’s current boyfriend, is reported to be enlisting in the military next year. 

According to reports on December 24th, actor Jung Eun Woo is planning to be an active duty solider with his enlistment on the second half of 2015.

Jung Eun Woo was initially planning to enlist this fall but failed his examination. Since then, he has requested to be reexamined making the enlistment to be pushed back for another year. It was further stated that he will not attempt to delay enlistment should the final notice is handed.

Meanwhile, Blue Dragon Entertainment also released a statement with regards to the reports saying, “We had adjusted the schedule for last year’s application as the actor previously injured a nerve in his leg which requires a reexamination. It has been treated and cured completely and will be fit to enliist now. The examination is scheduled for September next year and will be enlisting within next year.”

Earlier today, Korean media portal The Fact reported the end of Park Han Byul’s 12-year relationship with singer Se7en by releasing photos of her dating actor Jung Eun Woo. They new couple were photographed where spotted and photographed on a number of outings and eventually admitted their relationship.

Meanwhile, Se7en, who gained negative publicity after being spotted visiting a massage parlor during his military service, is currently preparing for his discharge from the military.

Source: StarNews