Apink Jung Eunji’s Latest Show Appearance Sparks Dating Speculation With Popular Actor

“I think they might already have something going on…”

Jung Eunji‘s chemistry with Choi Jin Hyuk has put fans on notice.

Jung Eunji
Choi Jin Hyuk 

On June 10, actors Lee Jung Eun, Jung Eunji, and Choi Jin Hyuk were guests on Shin Dong Yup’s YouTube channel to promote their upcoming K-Drama, Miss Night And Day.

On this day, Lee Jung Eun hinted that there might be something going on between Jung Eunji and Choi Jin Hyuk,

I asked Choi Jin Hyuk what he thought of Eunji and he answered that they were like brothers. I think he might be hiding his feelings. I hope their relationship continues to deepen.

— Lee Jung Eun

Shin Dong Yup then revealed he also felt that Jung Eunji and Choi Jin Hyuk might have something going on.

I think they might already have something going on. I wish you guys would kiss at the end of this.

— Shin Dong Yup

Choi Jin Hyuk then addressed the tension in the room and admitted that he has always been a fan of Apink but downplayed his feelings for Eunji.

I was always a fan of Apink. While filming this I realized that Eunji was a really good person. That’s why my feelings for her as a woman didn’t advance further.

— Choi Jin Hyuk

Despite the actor’s insistence on not having any feelings towards Eunji, others couldn’t help but notice how the actor would smile when talking about her and the familiarity with which he addressed her in private.

You can watch the full video in the link below.


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