Jung Hae In Confesses His Love For Co-star Son Ye Jin

Jung Hae In makes no secret of the fact Son Ye Jin makes his heart race!

Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin are co-stars in the new drama Something in the Rain and the love story might have spilled over into real life!


The two attended a press conference for the drama and from the first moment they appeared, Jung Hae In’s affection for his co-star was obvious.

Jung Hae In boldly grabbed Son Ye Jin’s hand when she went to hold his arm.


When they were asked if they could ever be real lovers, Jung Hae In replied firmly, saying he couldn’t believe how beautiful his co-star was when he first saw her.

“At first, I couldn’t look at you because you were so beautiful. I was so nervous I was shaking when we filmed the first skinship scene at the milk bar. Every moment my heart flutters. Even now.” — Jung Hae In


He said he was comfortable on set because of Son Ye Jin.

“It’s my first time doing a melodrama, but thanks to noona and the director’s help I was able to smile while filming.” — Jung Hae In


Son Ye Jin laughed while asking cutely, “do you like me?” but couldn’t deal with Jung Hae In’s honest reply!

“My heart always flutters when I’m around you.”  — Jung Hae In


The two looked very close on set celebrating Jung Hae In’s birthday…


And there’s no denying their chemistry in Something in the Rain!

Source: Dispatch