Jung Hae In Had To Visit The Emergency Room But Acted Like Nothing Happened For His Fans

He showed true professionalism.

Actor Jung Hae In reportedly visited the emergency room on the day of his fan meeting, but still managed to give his best effort for his fans.

On March 30, Jung Hae In held a fan meeting called “First Love” in celebration of his birthday. Two fan meetings were scheduled on this day with one being held at 1:30 pm and the second at 6:00 pm. Fans from all around the world including Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam joined the event.


After the performances at the fan meeting, Jung Hae In also held a “high touch” session to meet each of his fans in person. It was during this session that he confessed to a reporter that he was not in his best condition and had to visit the emergency room.

Actually, my condition is really bad so I went to the emergency room.

ㅡ Jung Hae In


He explained that he caught a bad cold and was still very ill.

I got a severe cold so I went to the emergency room before beginning the 1st fan meeting but my throat is very swollen and I’m still ill. After the 1st meeting before beginning the 2nd meeting, I got another shot too.

ㅡ Jung Hae In


In fact, because there was no host for Jung Hae In’s “First Love” fan meeting, he was required to lead the performance for two straight hours. Even so, he did not show his fans any sign of his sickness so those who attended had no way of knowing he had gone to the emergency room.


In the end, he showed what true professionalism looks like by successfully completing both fan meetings on his own. Fans were surprised and touched after hearing that he had actually been sick on that day.

  • “He met eyes and did the high touch with each fan in the daytime and nighttime performance and even led us out so I had no idea. Thank you so much for a precious memory. Happy birthday and we hope you film Spring Night healthily and happily.”
  • “That’s amazing. It’s easier said than done, I bet any ordinary person wouldn’t even be able to move and would have to stay in bed…”
Source: Hankook Ilbo