Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min’s Moment At The 2019 MBC Drama Awards Skyrocketed Its Viewership

Everyone tuned in to see the legendary couple’s moment!

Actors Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min attended the 2019 MBC Drama Awards for their series, One Spring Night.


During the ceremony, the hosts approached the on-screen couple’s table for a short interview. They noted that the chemistry between their characters seemed too real and asked Han Ji Min if their romance was only truly on-screen.


Han Ji Min initially answered, “It’s difficult to answer.” But she went onto reveal that she felt attracted to his character as she became her character, Jung In.

When you’re working on a project, you have to live as your character so I filmed the drama with the same fluttering heart as Jung In.

Since then and now, he’s always been handsome.

— Han Ji Min


When the hosts asked Jung Hae In if he would ever act as a couple with Han Ji Min again, he answered, “Of course,” without any hesitation!


They ended their sweet moment with a heart and the shyest smiles! And it marked the most viewed segment during all of the awards ceremony show!


The 2019 MBC Drama Awards recorded an average viewership of 7.5% during the 1st half and 8.5% during the 2nd half. But Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In’s 1-minute moment marked a viewership of 11.0%!


This visual power couple played an untraditional love story between a single dad and a woman falling out of her with her long-time boyfriend.


As their drama became one of the most beloved K-Dramas in 2019, it makes sense that their chemistry during the awards show will also become one of the most beloved moments of 2019!


Check out their full interview below:

Source: Dailian