Jung Hae In Reveals If His Dating Style Is More “Something In The Rain” Or “Spring Night”

Here’s what it would be like to date Jung Hae In!

Jung Hae In appeared on Happy Together 4 where he talked about his two characters from his hit drama series, Something In The Rain and Spring Night.


In Something In The Rain, he played a character who let his girlfriend take the lead in their relationship.


In Spring Night, his character dove headfirst in love with his girlfriend and proved he can overcome any obstacle.


Jung Hae In revealed that out of the two, his dating style is closer to Spring Night, as in that he is more assertive when expressing his feelings!


Jung Hae In also gave a cute story about how his co-star from Spring Night, Han Ji Min, gave him a special birthday party by inviting all of his staff and him out to an expensive dinner where he ate all types of meat – his main favorite dish!


So if you ever wondered what it would be like to date Jung Hae In, you’d have to watch Spring Night for a close experience!

Source: Herald Pop