Jung Hae In Reveals His Destined Story Of How He Became An Actor

He was destined to become an actor!

Jung Hae In appeared on Happy Together 4, where he revealed the background story of how he became an actor.


He revealed that it was by fate that an agency scout spotted him outside of an ice cream store and gave him his business card. That sprouted his interest in acting and he absolutely fell in love once he gave it a try!

Someone [from the entertainment industry] gave me their business card when I was standing in front of an ice cream shop.

At the time, I wasn’t that good at studying and I just needed something to work towards, so I convinced my parents to let me pursue acting. Just the act of reading something and expressing it was refreshing and shocking to me.

I fell in love with it so I suddenly changed my career path.

— Jung Hae In


He had originally planned to apply to a university to study biotechnology but ultimately decided to study acting. He got into a program and was determined to work harder considering his late entry into the field.

I had originally planned to study biotechnology but I completely changed my goal and got into a university program by luck.

I was ruined when I got to university. Everyone else had been preparing for their acting career since middle school and high school. That’s when I realized that I only got in by luck. I knew then that I wouldn’t be able to succeed unless I work harder than everyone else.

— Jung Hae In


Although he was set on acting, his parents were against the idea in the beginning. However, after coming to see Jung Hae In at a play, they embraced his career choice and praised him by saying, “You were amazing today. You can keep going.


As luck would have it, Jung Hae In has already served his mandatory military duties when he was in college, which means that he won’t have to take 2 years hiatus in the midst of his career peak!

I went when I was 21 years old. At the time, all of my school friends enlisted so I enlisted together. That was it. I didn’t like being away from my friends.

— Jung Hae In


It’s as if his life was destined for this moment where he’s one of the most popular actors in the industry today!

Source: Tenasia